Creativity, Innovation and Technology in the form of VFX or ANIMATION have changed the way of storytelling over the years. Both are not only used in post-production, like it was in the ’90s. It has completely transformed into a FULL production process. Nowadays animation brings the best visual entertainment to people of all ages all over the world.

Nectar Pixel Media Pvt Ltd has some of the best creative artists with cumulative experience of more than 50 years who will help you in giving solutions from ideation to the final launch. Pre-production, Pre-visualization and on-site supervision are some of the added services that we bundle with our VFX production services.

Our creative technocrats at Nectar Pixels will provide solutions to bring the Hollywood production process at domestic possibilities. And now that we are TPN Certified, we bring even more authenticity into our work.

Our core team has been doing this for years, we have been physically involved in many film sets and story discussions with Directors, Cinematographers, Producers. We have listened to their ideas and have given them the best creative and technical solutions for the same. We provide technical know-how and provide customized solutions that suit your requirements. We also provide cost benefits and lend a hand towards significant business growth. Please call us for personal meetings (Doesn’t matter if it is on Skype, Vis-à-vis or Telephonic) so that we can understand your requirements. We believe in interacting with our clients to personalize the experience & to meet their expectations. We strongly emphasize on building a long term acquaintanceship with our clients.