We are one of the India’s finest Visual Effects companies.

Producing new ideas that are conceptually interesting and visually stunning, we work with some of the creative minds & design wizards apt in executing excellence & technology by making imaginary ideas come into reality. Our methodologies make sure we have the best solution for complex problems. We understand your needs and help you give life to your brands and company with the right mixture of design and technology helping you grow your business & making it stand out. With some of the brightest designers in our team , we’re in a position to challenge old systems and revolutionize designing as we know it. We design with a strong belief that process and collaboration should be exciting and fun as the end result.

Nectar Pixels Media Pvt Ltd is a design solutions company providing dedicated services in Print, Product Design, 3D Prototyping & Printing, Advertising, Corporate films, Short films, Animation & Visual Effects. We are a team consisting of highly experienced artists and professionals with a passion for design, are analytical with a keen eye for detail, transforming mind blowing design blueprints to reality with utmost ease. We are obsessed with the nitty-gritties of the design world & are extremely passionate about what we do. At Nectar Pixels, we offer innovative ideas & solutions to our clients that are customized to suit their taste & would meet their requirements, benefit their customers and also contribute to significant business growth by acting as a powerful design catalyst.